About The Gospel Project

This blog’s purpose is to highlight the ways and circumstances that the Gospel is demonstrated throughout today’s most well-known stories, such as books, movies, and other forms of media we are surrounded with every day.  The stories that seem to tug at our heartstrings, be it an action movie or a classic novel, are reflections of the Gospel.

Acts 17:16-34 tells us of Paul’s sermon on the Hill of Areopagus (better known as Mars Hill), located in Athens, Greece.  Mars Hill served as an important geographical location for discussions of religion, philosophy, and law.  The biblical significance of this location is that Paul used Mars Hill as a location to give one of his most important sermons of all time.  Paul met the people where they were in order to present the Gospel to them.

Fast forward to today’s society.  What is our culture’s Mars Hill?



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